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Chief Nursing Officers Forum Debrief Spring 2023

Posted By The Academy

May 11, 2023

Here's a debrief on our recent Leading Health System (LHS) Chief Nursing Officers (CNO) Forum. In our debrief, we shared what these executives discussed with their peers, including what CNOs are working on right now:

  • Reevaluating forces of magnetism in nursing

    While classic retention strategies like recognition, skills development, and alignment with system strategy still matter, two core principles are coming into focus for nursing retention in 2023: personalization and responsiveness.

  • Developing more sustainable nurse manager roles

    Often overlooked, nurse managers are the linchpin of the hospital for nurse retention. CNOs are exploring structural changes to the nurse manager role to make it more sustainable and are looking for technology solutions to help offload tasks like training, asset and capacity management, and shift scheduling.

  • Determining technology’s role in nursing practice

    CNOs are hungry for nursing-specific solutions to take tasks off bedside nurses’ plates. Some areas of interest include virtual nursing and case management, intuitive documentation, notifications that help prioritize intervention, supply deliveries, and voice recognition.

  • Continuing to make progress on reducing workplace violence

    The physical safety of staff continues to be of high importance to CNOs. They are focused on continuing efforts to build out governance, prevention, intervention, and aftercare for staff.

  • Transitioning new nurses to clinical practice more effectively

    CNOs are focused on bridging the academic-to-clinical care gap by forming partnerships with academic institutions and community organizations to get nurses familiar with the system earlier, provide meaningful training experiences, and gain access to local talent.

  • Creating alignment between nursing and finance teams. CNOs face mounting pressure to decrease labor costs and improve nurse retention. To achieve both goals, CNOs are trying to introduce a more holistic understanding of ROI to finance teams, to ensure alignment on investments like virtual nursing, technology, and other retention initiatives.

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