Implementation Tool

How Health Systems Are Defining Virtual Nursing ROI

Posted By The Health Management Academy

March 11, 2024

Adopting a virtual nursing model demands capital investment and political buy-in, requiring leaders to provide evidence of financial sustainability in pro formas and early pilot results. But demonstrating ROI is difficult for two reasons. First, it’s not yet clear which unit goals (quality outcomes, workforce metrics) virtual nursing can inflect. Second, because few outcomes have been published in the literature to date, pilot leaders don’t have concrete outcomes on which to base their financial modeling. ​

In the last year, Nursing Catalyst researchers interviewed the leaders of more than 15 virtual nursing programs about their paths to ROI. Those paths to ROI are outlined in this tool, along with the actual outcomes generated by pilots. Use this to formulate virtual nursing ROI projections and ensure your model is tracking all outcomes in which other organizations are finding concrete financial returns. 

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