Leading Health System Population Health Outlook and What it Means for Industry

Posted By The Academy

August 16, 2023

Below are four recommendations for industry partners on how your sales and marketing team can cut through the noise:

1. Map your pitch to the health system’s business model: Health systems aren’t equally concerned about value-based care. If your solution’s value proposition depends on reducing the total cost of care, focus on systems with existing investments in health plans, Medicare Advantage, or new downside risk models like ACO REACH. If your solution has value in FFS, showcase how your solution can work in both FFS and value-based models to demonstrate how your solution can support the system at every stage in its journey.

2. Emphasize digital and data & analytics solutions in your pitch: Population health leaders are often short on resources to achieve their goals in patient screening, outreach, and quality improvement. While budgets are increasing for digital tools and data & analytics that prioritize patient outreach and access (with fewer FTEs), your company has an opportunity to highlight how you can help deliver ROI on access and patient engagement.

3. Build a coalition of champions with finance and digital: Population health leaders typically lack individual budget authority for large purchases– executives such as the CMO, CFO, or CIO may need to sign off on deals. Start building your case for support from these senior executives early by identifying areas of strategic overlap across digital, finance, and ambulatory strategy to head off the misalignment of incentives.

4. Tie your urgency message to Medicare Advantage and Direct to Employer pain points: Population health leaders are placing their bets for growth on Medicare Advantage and Direct to Employer contracts but have hit some stumbling blocks. Ensure your solution can help systems in both models overcome their challenges surrounding growth and scale.


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