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Maternal Health Case Study Compendium II

Posted By The Academy

May 10, 2023

This iterative resource explores innovative maternal health equity initiatives that address the 4 health system challenges identified in our research: lack of comprehensive patient data, pervasive clinician and staff bias, lack of trust between systems and communities, and limited ability to address patients' social needs. We highlight 2 Michigan-based initiatives: Henry Ford Health's Women-Inspired Neighborhood (WIN) Network program and Corewell Health's involvement in the Kent County Strong Beginnings program. We also explore Saint Francis Health System's lessons learned from implementing the TeamBirth care model and Dane County's multi-sector approach to targeting maternal health disparities through community-driven solutions. The case studies include a program overview, operational details, and a deep dive into potential areas of replication that health system members may think of adopting at their own organizations.

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