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2022-2023 Leading Health Systems' Budget Forecast and Investment Strategy

Posted By The Academy

June 16, 2022

In 2022, Leading Health Systems are assessing the advancements they’ve made (and accelerated) across the pandemic, making calls on where to focus their dollars and talent to scale the most promising innovations. They’re doing this amidst unprecedented strain on their care teams and economic headwinds from labor and supply inflation, less predictable investment returns, and competition from outside disruptors. The urgency to find cost savings, boost revenue, and secure their market position is intensifying.

Watch this Academy IQ webinar to gain insights on how LHS Chief Finance Officers (CFOs) are addressing:

  • Financial pressures and budget outlook in Calendar Year 2022

  • Strategic cost management solutions to mitigate labor and supply chain inflation, and

  • Revenue diversification strategies to mitigate long-term risk

Presenters: Wes Adams, Associate Director, Member Insights

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